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The world is in upheaval. A great menace has risen out of the very earth itself to lay low the ancient kingdom of the dwarves and to shatter the petty fiefdoms of men. This is a war not only of force but of corruption. Human barons and dragonborn overseers, elf lords and eladrin elders, all send their brave to the field of battle to stem the tide of nightmarish creatures surging ever forward. The monsters march forward inexorably, demons, witches, orcs, and creatures for whom no name yet exists. Every heroic death strengthens the enemy, as the dead rise to join the next wave.

The Menace has not declared any intentions, nor has it sought to parley. All who come before It merely die. The people speak in hushed tones of a vengeful deity stalking the earth. When the first human fiefdoms began to fall, most assumed it was business as usual. When the elves and eladrin retreated to the relative safety of the feywild and abandoned the frontal attack in favor of guerrilla tactics, many called into question the valor of those races. But when the venerable dwarven kingdom, the very symbol of strength, order, and stability, fell, sages began to speak of the return of the ancient evil: Asmodeus, the Lord of Hell.

Even as the young, brave, and foolish give their lives to slow the onslaught, those further from the frontlines suffer a different mode of attack. Temples are desecrated with mysterious blood rituals, apostates and heretics perform rites that birth the twisted offspring of hell and earth, and wandering evils find willing hosts in the bodies of mortals lusting for power.

Far from the battles, on the westernmost edge of the continent, is the land of Silva. The ruins of ancient empires dot the landscape, mute reminders that this world has seen war before and will see war again. Despite its distance from the fronts, the stirrings abroad have touched this land. Eyes peer out of the dark woods, and groaning shapes shuffle through the graveyards. Some towns stand mysteriously abandoned, but none dare investigate. Quietly, an evil builds.

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